There are a few indicators that can help you identify whether your system is being patched. One of them is the presence of a system tray icon notification, which means that the system has been patched. The other indicator is a message from Windows Update, which will tell you if all required updates have been installed. To check the status do the following;

Go to the Start Button and right-click. A list of options will appear. Scroll up to Settings and click to open the Settings page. A window will appear with multiple options to select. At the bottom, you will see Update & Security. Click on the Update & Security option to open. When the window appears, you will see Windows Update on the screen. If you have a green checkmark then you should be good. If you see an Error Encountered message with a red exclamation point, that’s not a good message. (It may be something temporary) however if the Last checked: status is more than two or more days then that may be a concern. This issue should be identified as soon as possible. Now along with this information, there is an error code starting with 0×8xxxx in the message. If you are a GEEK and like to do the research then this is a good way for you to get your GEEK ON… If GEEKING is not your style shoot us a message with the error code and we can give you some pointers on how to fix our issue. We are a post or email away.


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