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A managed services provider (MSP) is a crucial resource in managing your computers within your home or business. The services offered are proactive services. MSPs use cloud monitoring tools that provide alerts, notifications, and responses.  Those are vital to any computer whether it’s home or business.


There are benefits of an MSP for both home and business users. The MSP will use a remote agent to provide proactive checks and identify critical findings on your system.  These findings will affect your computer performance including hard disk, memory, CPU, and security issues. Monitoring and mitigating unfriendly websites, application issues, and viruses/malware are prime services offered by an MSP.


Vulnerability Management and Assessment

Also known as patching. This process is very critical to your system’s performance. Most home users have no idea about their system patch level. The thought process is if I don’t know then I am good. This posture isn’t a good stance for your computer. The systems that are successfully attacked have some basic issues such as the latest security updates. Rebnetik team members have found computers at home and businesses that haven’t been successfully patched in the span of two years. By the time this is identified, it’s a bit late.

Endpoint Security

This is also known as antivirus/antimalware software. The endpoint security package is monitored from a central management console. Any issues that are identified as threats or attacks are displayed on the MSPs console. MSPs staff will respond accordingly to mitigate.  This is crucial to you and the computer user(s).

Remote Support

This provides the MSP with the capability of connecting to your system to perform fixes and address any other issues with your system.

Application Deployment

Installation of applications remotely without user intervention. Some MSPs do this through scripts and others have their own systems that provide the application deployment process.

Email Filtering

This component is normally built in the Endpoint Security package. This will check emails and scan them prior to arrival in your mailbox. With notification and alerts, your MSP will get information of a threat or attack from an email that was sent and scanned.

Web Filtering

This package will monitor websites that you visit to prevent threats or attacks from websites.  When you visit a website, it’s scanned for threats prior to displaying the page. If there is a threat detected, it will stop you from visiting the website, display a notification to the user, and send an alert to the MSP team.

MSPs for residential home and business users are core services for computer users. If you’re interested in Rebnetik managed services you can check out this link for more information. You can also reach out if you have questions and need more information by clicking here.

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