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Small Business Technology

The words small business, technology, workflow, and productivity normally don’t work well for the small business owner. The owners spend time trying to put a solution together which in the end costs way more than planned. For the most part, there isn’t a plan. There are recommendations, commercials, free trials, and other unknowns that are introduced to the small business owner.   

Business owners are only looking to get the best product they can use to run their business. My famous questions are always how does this work? How much does this cost? At the end of the day, the cost is always a big key to implementing the best solution.

Add More Money!

In my past experiences, dealing with small business owners, I have discovered the owner is always throwing something together based on a family recommendation, an Internet ad, radio, and tv commercials.  I found one client spending up to $2k per month on IT services and products.  The client had a mixture of cloud and on-premise products to maintain their business.  The calendar, email, marketing, social media, CRM, and other features to assist with workflow for the organization were heavily invested. The integration of the products were cumbersome and had intermittent connectivity for synching records between the products used.  If this product doesn’t work add money and get another product, REPEAT. I solved this problem by providing a core cloud based software package with multiple products that can integrate with the cloud software.

What am I doing?


Sounds similar to wash, rinse, and repeat. That’s the methodology used by most business owners. (Hey even myself at one point)

So what’s the remedy to this issue? Old school IT folks would call it systems integration. We never believed in getting multiple products that couldn’t at least communicate with each other. No single package of software that does multiple functions actually works fully in any environment.  Applications integration should be thought with the same premise in mind. Owners are always interested in finding ways to make their lives a bit easier for them and their business processes. Rebnetik offers our 1 hour Rebnetik Consultation for a discussion of your IT requirements and how we can work with you and your organization on integration of your systems and applications.


Applications Integration

I mentioned systems integration and applications integration. I will focus on applications integration because systems integration is primarily for medium to larger businesses.

As a business owner, applications integration is golden. When you can get your applications to work together, LIFE IS WONDERFUL. Some applications have every component you need to run a successful small business. Back office processes are supposed to work together for the better good of your organization. Applications such as ZOHO, QuickBooks, NetSuite, and others are great starter packages for any business owner. When you look at applications for your business you may want to check these products out. These applications are core pieces to your business and it’s back office operations and processes. The packages offer great integration for multiple products that increase productivity. Depending on your budget, these products should fit the bill. 

    • Zoho ($35 per user per month)
    • Quickbooks (Price varies)
    • NetSuite (Price Varies)

These applications are cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS). The applications listed work with a massive amount of other applications that can integrate into your website, email, marketing, social media, and ecommerce stores. As an advocate of smooth running operations, I would definitely recommend that owners look at these packages as a core business operation requirement.  You can reach out to a Rebnetik team member to discuss more about Back Office Small Business technology and how application integration is a very critical piece for your organization.


Of course, we need to address the security of any application in your organization. The packages that I listed in the earlier section of this page are cloud based.  The security of these specific applications are fairly good. The providers use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all of their services. This means you will see the https:// in front of all of the services offered from these providers. Their login/credential efforts are better as well as they use Multifactor authentication (MFA) by text or app. Rebnetik offers a MFA solution for small business owners as well. We offer a MFA solution that has an app which allows you to use the app instead of the clear text method (SMS) that is commonly used today.  You can check out the Rebnetik Multifactor Authentication solution by going to Rebnetik store to purchase. Multifactor authentication has been out for over a decade and the SMS text was the initial way of providing the service. The apps that are available such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator have provided those services to consumers for roughly 5 years. The technology itself is not new and has been around for over a decade. The Rebnetik team recommends using MFA for all of your credential requirements even if you’re not using Duo Security. Contact us if you’re interested in discussing your MFA requirements for your organization or even for your family. 

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