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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


This service allows you to purchase virtual hardware to create a server environment. This replaces “your server in the closet.” Now, this service still has the same issues as “your server in the closet” however you don’t need to worry about it powering down during a power outage and running into the office to power cycle your server. The pricing for the server is cheaper because you are not paying to maintain the server physically, your cost is cheaper because you pay per hour and have the option of saving cost by purchasing per-year options, reserved instances etc.


One popular IaaS vendor, Amazon has two primary options for your IaaS solution. One of their popular options is Lightsail. Lightsail is a virtual server which you can setup with popular products like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.  You can also setup a OS only server which can run Linux or Windows. This is popular with lab configurations for classes that want to teach on the subjects of web services and system administration.

The AWS Lightsail product comes with set hardware which can scale up to 32GB of RAM. Most of your initial configurations can be run on LightSail. Once you are ready to scale up then you can take a snapshot and create a EC2 instance from the snapshot. A lot of the services available in the EC2 instances to support your basic requirements can be done in AWS Lightsail. The service offers Load Balancing, Content Deployment, and standalone databases to accommodate your scalable application and DB requirements.


If you’re ready to move away from your existing shared solution, AWS Lightsail is the way to go.The Rebnetik team can assist you with the latest with IaaS solutions. Whether this is an existing or new implementation.

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