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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Office 365 picture with a orange background. Each product has a product icon.This is a very popular cloud service that allows you to utilize the most popular programs you use as a business. Programs such as Office 365, Google Suite/Workplaces etc. are very popular software as a service cloud based solutions.

This requires no server and allows admins to manage the product for you. You end up paying for the licenses as you normally do with any software package you purchase. The difference is you purchase based on devices. You used to buy a CD/DVD for each user. (User based licensing) Now you buy per device. (Office 365 5 devices per license)

Other products including ZOHO Enterprise, Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, MailChimp, and others offers core products that will provide the capability to do marketing, budgeting, billing, collaboration, financial, human resources, and other functions to maintain your organization functionality. These products are SaaS products so you’re not in charge of maintaining any hardware or upgrades to the software. Your team will be excited to work from anywhere and not locked down to their desk in the office because you have these products on-premise.

In context, it’s cheaper because you can buy a single license to run your business.  Some products will charge you per user/functionality. (depending on product) Example would be with Office 365, the caveat to the single license, its still a single license. So, if installed on multiple computers, the name used to install will have to be the same name for all computers. Other products like ZOHO Enterprise are per user pricing to have access to the products purchased. Admin users are normally charged per user pricing for other SaaS products. If you’re using packages that are just interacting with your customers pricing may vary.

Rebnetik offers solutions that include Office 365 and work with Google workspace customers with their current solution.

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