Enterprise Network and Cloud Solutions

The dilemma every CIO or CEO has when it comes to the cloud.. should I partake in the cloud offerings by moving most of my infrastructure into the cloud? That’s a good question, from the normal conversations on this matter; Yes, you can do that and save a lot of money on hardware, software, electrical, cooling, and other pertinent items that costs considerably a whole heap full of money to maintain. Well, it sounds good but what are the benefits to your organization really? These are very common questions that are certainly revealed when the discussion is started about the benefits, cost, and advantages of cloud.

Rebnetik offers the approach of integrating the technologies. (cloud and on-premise)  See there is no real advantage of one over the other if you are not aware that they can co-exist. The approach should be am I cloud ready? What are some good starting points for my organization going into the cloud.  An example of this would be the Office 365 solution. This solution is a great solution for small, medium, and large organizations.  This reason this makes sense is due to the licensing efforts you would need to put in for MS Office as a standalone product.  Along with the email, SharePoint and OneDrive offerings, it makes sense  versus getting the standalone DVD of Office which cost 2x the cloud offering, getting the Exchange licenses, Exchange Hardware, Sharepoint Licenses, Sharepoint hardware, and Skype/Office Communication hardware and software.  At the end paying the yearly fee for all of them together just makes more economical sense.

The Rebnetik approach is simple creating solutions that make economical sense by utilizing the appropriate technologies and integration services that allow for a scalable network on-premise (Enterprise) and the cloud.