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Is it down? How long has it been down? That’s the call or comment that you get when a critical system is down.  When these answers are not readily available, It’s pretty obvious you don’t have a network management solution configured properly or in some cases you don’t have one at all on your network. One of the basic building blocks of any network is network management. This would cover the Availability, performance, and utilization metrics for your systems.  Not knowing about your network can cost money to your business.

So, how do we address this concern? There are multiple network management solutions available including on-premise and cloud based service.  Rebnetik Enterprise offers network management solutions that are cloud based services provided by top vendors including Auvik, PRTG and other commonly used network management products. CONTACT US for more information and a customized solution that meet your network management infrastructure requirements.

A complete network management solution includes a dashboard with detailed analytics of every aspect of your virtualization infrastructure, routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices.  The dashboards contain information including Traffic, Users, Bandwidth, Disk Space, Temperature, User Location and more! Good network management service will keep your business online, keep your visitors happy and keep your IT team efficient with managed network services offered by Rebnetik. You can CONTACT US for more information and a customized network management solution.

Managing your business remotely is becoming more common, which makes centralized network management even more important. Systems like Auvik allow you to monitor your network devices using an agent on a server and an Internet connection. You can also view logs, change settings, and receive alerts by email. This can be helpful if you have more than one network device in your home or office network. When you set up cloud based network management software, you can access your network devices performance from anywhere you have Internet access. You can view, receive alerts, and view logs remotely. Rebnetik offers network managed services which allows our team to monitor your network devices proactively and we can respond prior to the incident whether it’s availability or performance. If you would like to get more information about the Rebnetik managed network services, you can reach out and SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION

When your network management solution is centralized, you can streamline your business, make better decisions, and exceed your customers’ expectations. Centralized network management software also means that you can get a better ROI on the systems and devices you as the owner purchased to run your technology side of your business 

You need to know what’s happening with your business, who’s doing what, when things get done, what’s being done, who has access and all that. Managing your network means managing people and people are messy creatures. They forget things, they make mistakes, and they have drama with each other. Now, imagine that you’re running a business that relies on your network and its software to function. That software is going to be messy too. Managing messy networks and software sounds like a nightmare, right? It doesn’t have to be. This is the power or Rebnetik, SCHEDULE A CONSULT for our list of network management solutions that can fit your organization.

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